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Gel Nails 

What is Gel Polish? 

Gel polish is applied to the natural nail and cured in an LED lamp

for 60 seconds. Gel polish lasts between 2-3 weeks without any chipping or lifting. 

Will Gel Polish damage my natural nails?

No, if your gel polish is applied and removed correctly, and you follow your aftercare advice, then your natural nails will remain healthy.

What are Luminary Multi-Flex Builder Gels?

They're a soak-off gel applied to the natural nail for extra strength and structure. They're perfect for enhancing the natural nails ability to grow long and strong. With the strength of acrylic and the flexibility of a hard gel your gel manicure is less likely to chip, lift or break.  

What is a Luminary Multi-Flex Builder Gel Overlay?


It's applied to the natural nail providing extra strength, structure and support to your gel polish manicure. An overlay does not add length (that’s an extension) but it helps the natural nail to grow long and strong. An overlay should last approximately 3-4 weeks, depending on the condition of your natural nails. 

What is a Luminary Multi-Flex Builder Gel Rebalance?

Your existing gel polish colour is removed down to the builder gel, your nails are prepped, any liftings removed, nails are shaped and a reapplication of builder gel is applied. When the rebalance is complete you can either choose a gel colour to go on top or wear the builder gel on it's own.   

Is it important to have my gel manicure removed correctly?

Yes! I highly recommend coming back to the studio to have your gel polish removed correctly, safely and professionally. This way you avoid causing any damage to the natural nail plate.  

How often should I book my nail appointments?

I highly recommend booking an appointment every 2-3 weeks depending on your nail growth, the condition of your nails and to avoid any lifting, chipping or breaks. 


How often do my brows need shaping?


Everyone’s hair grows differently so the time between appointments can vary from 2-6 weeks depending on your personal brow preference and your individual hair growth cycle.  However, between 2 - 4 weeks is the most common time for most of my regular clients. 

How long before my brow shape should I stop tweezing?

To achieve a defined look I recommend leaving your brows completely untouched for at least 3-4 weeks. Your brows may look overgrown but the more hair you have the better brow shape I can create, plus it helps to promote your brow hair growth cycle.

How do you shape my brows accurately?

Brow mapping! This precise technique is used to measure out where your brows should start, where the arch should be, and where the tail should end. An outline is drawn to define the suggested shape of your brow and shows exactly which hairs will be removed. Approval of the shape is always required before starting the treatment.

Do you have different shades of tint?

Yes! RefectoCil comes in a wide range of colours and can be intermixed to achieve the perfect shade for your skin tone and hair. If you want darker looking brows then the tint can be left on longer so it can last on the underlying skin. 

How long will my tint last?


Tinting usually lasts between 2-4 weeks, but this can depend on your skin type; dryer skin holds tint longer than oily skin, your skin care products, and your lifestyle. Washing your face frequently, using harsh skincare products or over exposure to the sun can fade your tint faster.

Is waxing painful?


Pain during your brow shaping appointment is dependent on how thick your hair follicles are. The thicker the hair, the more pain may be noticed. If you have fine, thin hairs, pain is virtually non-existent.

Can you wax if I'm using Retinol or on Accutane?

No, unfortunately I can't. It's unsafe to wax if your using Retinol, taking Accutane, or any other products to treat acne. 

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